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Renewal is a continuation of a sole business founded in 2004 based in Volos, Magnesia by Vassilis Fotou and with the object of trading and providing services in the fields of Air Conditioning, heating and professional cooling systems. Over the years there has been a rapid development in the areas of activity of the company and 2019 finds us on a path of greater growth.



Professional cooling

Environmental Liability

The green heart of Renewal

Renewal is committed to providing homes, businesses and industries with the most efficient and safest solutions to meet all their cooling and heating needs, now and in the future.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to protect the environment in what we do and all policies, practices and procedures we follow have been developed and implemented with a view to environmental sustainability.

Corporate Vision

Our mission

Renewal's vision is to be a milestone company in its industry and to remain a valuable partner for its customers, consistently serving its corporate signature.

The bar for the expected growth of the company has already been set very high and is based on three very important parameters: -In the presentation of constantly new products -Improving competitiveness -In maximizing the provision of services Renewal exists to provide wider services in Greece, enriching and utilizing the relationships of mutual appreciation and trust that it has created with its partners, but also building new ones every day.


We are committed to quality

Ensuring and maintaining a high level of quality in the products and services provided remains inextricably linked to the operation and responsible entrepreneurship of Renewal.

In other words, the basic commitment of the management, and consequently of all employees, is the satisfaction of the needs of the customers, providing them with quality products and services on time. The company has also ensured that there is a clear policy and specific implementation methods for emergency situations, so that customer requirements are fully met, even if they are out of reach.